Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Communication Systems Alliance Inc. (CCSA). Generally, membership is open to Canadian television broadcasting distributors, licensed or recognized as exempt by the CRTC.

Each step of the membership application process is summarized below.

Step 1

To begin, please contact Kathy Nutter at (506) 849-1334 Ext. 218 to receive the necessary materials and guidance for completing the process.

Step 2

Once you have reviewed the membership materials, our team will coordinate an introductory call to discuss next steps. First, we will ask each new applicant to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with CCSA, so that we can share further information and expedite the member application process.

Step 3

After this introductory call, you will be sent a membership application package including the following items:

  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Membership Checklist
  • Membership Application Form

This membership application package also includes a statement of CCSA’s membership policies. You should carefully review the policies and membership requirements, particularly the membership criteria, before you submit a completed application form.

PLEASE NOTE: CCSA charges an initiation fee of $25,000 to each new member. This initiation fee is a one-time charge that covers CCSA administrative costs for membership facilitation and review, and recognizes the value that newly admitted members will immediately receive as a result of the prior, long-term investment by existing members in the products, services and rates CCSA offers to all members. Applicants should be prepared to pay the initiation fee as a condition of acceptance into membership.

Step 4

If CCSA accepts your Membership Application, we will send you:

  • A Membership Agreement to be signed and returned to the CCSA.
  • An invoice for:
    • CCSA’s Initiation Fee, and
    • The first year’s membership fees.

The membership fees are calculated as the product of your total number of video programming subscribers multiplied by a per-subscriber rate (rates are determined by the CCSA Board of Directors and may change from time to time). CCSA membership fees are subject to an annual minimum fee of $2,100 plus tax. Your first year’s fees will be pro-rated to reflect the portion of CCSA’s fiscal year remaining at the time you become a member.

Step 5

Once the Membership Agreement is signed by both parties, CCSA will begin setting up your systems in our electronic payment platform for television signal supplier wholesale fees. The platform is called Single Point Billing, or SPB. Please note, while your participation in individual CCSA television signal contracts is voluntary, you must pay the wholesale fees for contracts in which you participate through Single Point Billing. Payments are calculated on a monthly basis for all television programming services.

Step 6

CCSA negotiates contracts, known as Affiliation Agreements, with television signal suppliers, commonly referred to as “programmers”, for the provision of programming services. Members then participate in individual Affiliation Agreements by signing an Assumption Agreement for each programming contract. The Assumption Agreement permits a member to distribute the relevant programming service to their customers and binds the member to the terms specified in that Affiliation Agreement.

CCSA will forward information on how to adopt the specific CCSA Assumption Agreements based on your proposed channel line-up.

If you have any questions about becoming a CCSA member, or need assistance with the application process, please contact Kathy Nutter at (506) 849-1334 Ext. 218.