Canada’s Independent Internet, Television and Telephone Providers Welcome New Democratic Party’s Commitment to Making High-Speed Internet More Affordable and Accessible

QUISPAMSIS (NB), October 15th, 2019 – The Canadian Communication Systems Alliance (CCSA) welcomes the platform commitment by the New Democratic Party to ensure affordable high speed broadband for all Canadians.

“For many years, we have advocated for increased funding for the expansion of broadband services in rural and remote communities,” said Jay Thomson, CEO of the CCSA. “In their platform released on Friday, the NDP joins the other major parties in acknowledging what we have said for years: that regardless of where Canadians live, they deserve access to high-speed internet.”

“We encourage the next government to partner with local service providers to leverage the expertise, resources and networks that these smaller providers have already established in order to maximize return on investment,” Thomson concluded.  



The Canadian Communication Systems Alliance (CCSA) represents more than 110 Independent companies providing internet, TV & telephone services across Canada. Those companies serve hundreds of thousands of customers in communities generally outside urban markets, from coast to coast to coast. They include community cooperatives, family businesses, municipalities and companies owned by Indigenous Peoples. They connect hundreds of thousands of Canadians who otherwise might not have access to these critical communications services.  For more information, visit



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